How To Store The Antibodies

Each antibody is unique, and as such it will have specific storage conditions defined that guarantee its optimal stability. Usually, both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies will bring together, on their respective technical sheets, the ideal conditions for their storage. These can vary depending on the type of antibody, purification to which it…
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Guide To Selecting Secondary Antibodies

The immunoassays are widely used techniques in both basic research and diagnostic and clinical applications. The suitability of the antibodies used is critical in obtaining the expected result, and this does not only affect the primary antibody (which will bind to the antigen of interest), but…
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Gene Research Labs in Europe

NGS sequencers are installed in following labs: Research Lab University AALTO, Finland Aalto-korkeakoulusäätiö AMU, France Universite d’Aix Marseille ATHENA, Greece Athina-Erevnitiko Kentro Kainotomias Stis Technologies Tis Pliroforias, Ton Epikoinonion Kai Tis Gnosis AUEB, Greece Athens University of Economics and Business…
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